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A recruitment platform made by headhunters for headhunters to never miss out on a placement opportunity 

How does it work?

Upload the profiles of your best candidates 

for whom you cannot find the right opportunity.

Tell us where they want to go and 

give us your professional analysis

about them in 10 minutes.

Follow your candidates'

processes in total transparency

At YBorder, we alert our amazing partners

about your candidates' availabilities

Wait for us to close the deal and

receive 70% of the fee





Lucas Nogues

Headhunter @Mobiskill

"YBorder is convenient and 

time-saving "

Irina Tocko 

Headhunter @LikeIT

More than 250 Headhunters in 19 countries

"Being a part of the YBorder network enables us to maximize our day-to-day work and effortlessly create business opportunities  "

Tomasz GleĊ„

Headhunter @DotCommunity

"YBorder is the first and only alert system that every recruiter has always dreamed of but on a larger scale  "

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