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pool of qualified engineers

Every week our 40+ recruitment firm partners across Europe supply the platform with their best talents.

To make sure the companies on YBorder are up to our talent's standards, we manually approve each subscription.

Companies face twin challenges : an “information problem” in which they often lack the information about where skills are located and an “access problem” in which they may know where skills exist but have difficulty getting access to them.

Accenture study / No shortage of talents : How the global Market is producing the STEM skills needed for growth 

September 2011

All our talents have been pre-qualified and their references checked by local recruitment firms. No more wasting your precious time, no more doubts! 

Sourcing is all about quality!

Benefit from professional qualifications to select the talent you need

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All our talents have individually activated their profiles which means they are waiting for you to get in touch. 

Expect a quick reply and organise your first interview only moments later.

Get in touch in one-click

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YBorder is a sourcing tool, we do not want to interfere with your way of recruiting. 

We are compatible with several Applicant Tracking Systems.

Organise your interviews as usual

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Antoine, Fondateur @Zenly

"YBorder is easy to use, affordable, and enables us to hire high-skilled profiles very quickly"

Anne-Laure,  HR @Mirakl

"On YBorder you meet candidates you can find nowhere else"

"Thanks to YBorder we can meet great tech candidates interested in new opportunities effortlessly  "

Matthieu,  CEO @FreshPlanet

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